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Live tv from peak of everest dramatizes restaurant ascents Beijing huge batch climbing's heady mix of beauty, glory and potential disaster was captured thursday in an exceptional live television broadcast from mt.Everest as international teams scaled the peak from opposite sides and met at the top. "Mankind has crossed the top mountain in a new triumph of the human spirit, an excited beijing television announcer said in describing the full satisfaction of the joint chinese japanese nepalese expedition. Viewers saw breathtaking panoramic photos of the snow covered himalayas as new japanese technology permitted television signals to be relayed promptly by satellite from small cameras carried by the climbers. The expedition set many of firsts:Besides being the first live television broadcast from earth's highest point, it was the first journey to have teams meet from opposite sides or to have climbers ascend one face and descend the other. Japanese of this particular effort said the technology incorporated in the video camera attached to climber susumu nakamura's helmet was so advanced that if the camera were to be given away in china or abandoned on the chinese side of the mountain, as is occasionally done it could violate western rules governing the transfer of high technology to communist nations. The chinese the media network began six hours of live coverage shortly before noon, communicating images from a team climbing the north face of the 29, 028 foot high altitude, in addition scenes of the climbers seen through telephoto lenses on cameras at camps in tibet on the north side and nepal on the south. The surge, by way of 12 men reached the top, unfolded under a good sun.But occasionally, misty clouds or blowing powdered snow on the face ofEverest reminded viewers of the severity of the climbers' challenge.He stayed there relating to 90 minutes, which the state new china news agency said was the longest anyone has ever spent on top of mt.Everest. Later in the day, a climber with a the tv camera reached the top.Three climbers from the south side met three climbers from north of manchester, such as camera bearing nakamura, electronic peak.For half an hour they transmitted views of their activities and the encircling panorama of white peaks and valleys. Their climbers, some with oxygen hides, others gasping in the nothing, embraced and available small japanese carp flags, an old-Fashioned symbol of hope for boys to grow up strong. A japanese climber dug Ralph Lauren Cheap a bottle of whiskey from his backpack and emptied it on top of the peak in a tribute to injured died trying to climb the mountain. Japan's nihon tv for computer corp.Paid numerous $12.5 million cost of the journey, Which involved through 200 people.The first levels, including establishing a series of camps, began noisy.April.During this time period, a member of japan team died of heart failure. Mt.Everest was climbed on may 29, 1953, by a brand-New zealander, mister edmund hillary, and his sherpa companion tenzing norgay.Since then about 200 experts scaled the peak.

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